Rigging de Goei

Welcome to the website of De Goei rigging.
We offer technical solutions for all types of rigging in the entertainment industry: 
--                             Light and Sound Installations;
--                             Scenery Structures;
--                             Flying people;
--                             Ground Support specialist;
--                             Presentation Drawings;
--                             Design, preparation, implementation;
--                             Inspection, testing and certification;
--                             Personnel and Materials;
--                             Laws, Standards and Guidelines;
--                             Advice.

The most important aspect of rigging is safety.
Safety for the riggers and other technical people, the public, artists and producers.
Riggers are responsible for the safety of the installation that they make. Being able to take that responsibility requires knowing exactly what to do. How heavy is the load, what kind of liftingtools to use and how much weight can have a support construction.
Responsibility and safety is our business.
After visiting this website you might have questions or you may want to use our services, than contact us.
We are glad to focus on your project and to think with it, big or small!


With friendly regards,

Jeroen de Goei

if you want more information about rigging or riggers look at the english translated website from the argh ! the association of riggers and grounders in Holland.