Rigging de Goei
Theatre Rigging

From the first great traveling theatre productions we are involved in the rigging. For larger productions in the theatre it is usually necessary that rigging and riggers are present. We are regularly asked to work in the theatre, for example:

- To fly somebody;
- Making a grand piano come out of the roof;
- Lifting scenery into place;
- Just hanging a few hoists or décor pieces;
- Something to span.

Pictures of our former works:

cirque stiletto

Cirque Stiletto Tour 2010 / 2011 + 2013 / 2014


 StormsISH, Who the F... ISH shakespeare,


decor pirates pirates
rigging of scenery (Madrid) - constructing a web of steel wire ropes.

decor rembrandt
'Luxor Theatre' Rotterdam - lifting the construction into place for Musical 'Rembrandt'.

decor Rembrandt
rigging of scenery - lifting décor pieces into place for Musical 'Rembrandt'.

titatovenaar efteling
'Efteling Theatre'

grond samen met daksupport
'De Doelen Theatre' Rotterdam - placing groundsupport in combination with roof rigging for Musical 'Hair'.